Dulani Moore is an interfaith minister, inspirational speaker, facilitator and spiritual teacher who have successfully helped individuals and couples design and build the lives they desired. His purpose in life is to help others find purpose and reclaim the power to change their lives. He teaches his clients to "Love themselves into the life they want" and helps his clients discover the inner resources to become master creators of their own lives through the reevaluation of their foundational beliefs and the fostering of self-love. Dulani has his Bachelor's Degree from Virginia Union University and is ordained as an interfaith minister through the Universal Life Church. Dulani's no nonsense style challenges clients to become aware of how they hold themselves back while showing them how to reclaim their power to choose their course and experience in life. He is transparent, witty and dynamic and sure to captivate and encourage all who are in his presence. His own journey to the discovery of self-love shows how a person and change the landscape of their lives when they put themselves first and learn to consciously use Universal Laws & the Promises of God to work for them resided inside him and this situation was a call from God for him to WAKE UP to the greatness within and for him to go forth and help others do the same. He knows who he is, why he's here and it his heart's desire to teach you to do the same. "I know that we are not only children of God, but individual expressions of the IS-NESS and ALL-NESS of God. "In 2007, Dulani officially began working as a life coach and created the as his coaching model, helping clients Imagine ; Manifest Happiness through Overcoming Trials & Experiencing Prosperity.

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Hailing from Lawrenceville, Virginia, Victor Q. Price resides in Washington DC. Victor Q. Price helped organize the first three Fraternity chapters that branched out of Gamma Mu Phi Fraternity. Price is an active employee in the field of Fitness, where he works as the Group Exercise Coordinator. He has worked effectively in many non-profit organizations and is also active in the Male Pageantry sector of his community. One of his major accomplishments is being a former Mr. United States. Price was a member of the first Committers on Constitution and Organization and helped write the Fraternity ritual. Price also has the distinction of being one of the first initiates as well as an original founder. Price's status as a founder was not finally established in 1999. Still today, Price is looked as one of the "faces" of the fraternity. He works daily to think of more innovative ways to prepare the fraternity for the future. Prices' correspondence with the current fraternity's executive board has helped catapult the members to a new and fresh level.

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Michael Jirjodhan's story begins in Brooklyn, NY where he grew up. Jirjodhan was born in Guyana on May 5,1977. He is the second of three children. Brooklyn was his playground; it's where he believes he learned a lot about who he was. "As with any urban city, it makes one grow up fast and tough." He knew what he wanted to beat an early age; a doctor. After high school his family moved from New York to Richmond, Va. He was reluctant to move, but he did. Shortly after moving to Richmond, Michael was hospitalized for a very severe issue. Jirjodhan stated; "I'm not sure if Victor or Dulani knew how bad that experience was for me." College life started at VCU, however after two years he decided he wanted to experience a smaller university, so he attended Virginia Union. He received his undergrad degree in psychology and is currently working toward his MS in Psychology and soon his doctorate. That goal of becoming a doctor will one day be fulfilled. Shortly after leaving Richmond, he moved to DC, then back to NY and in 2012 he relocated to Houston, TX.