About Us



Gamma Mu Phi celebrates and advocates excellence in community service and brotherhood. Its chapters invite for induction the most outstanding members at America’s leading colleges and universities as well as city chapter members abroad.

ΓΜΦ stands for freedom of inquiry and expression, disciplinary rigor, breadth of intellectual perspective, the cultivation of skills of deliberation and ethical reflection, the pursuit of wisdom, and the application of the fruits of scholarship and community service. We champion these values in the confidence that a world influenced by them will be a more just and peaceful world.



Gamma Mu Phi Fraternity was founded in Richmond, VA on May 8, 1999.  Three young men, each were a visionary in their own right, realized the need to unite professional African-American and Latino men in the bond of brotherhood.  These men worked and develop a plan of action to make their dream a reality.  These men founded Gamma Mu Phi Fraternity.

 But this was not the end of the struggle.  After setting the foundation, the illustrious founders turned their attention and efforts towards membership and expansion.

 Gamma Mu Phi has been working hard to continue where our predecessors left off.  We are establishing an organization that will stand the test of time.  We have researched every aspect of the fraternity to make sure that the foundation is strong and constant for our future brothers to follow.

 What began with three has grown nationwide.  We are continuing to rise and strive and build an organization that will stand the test of time.



“For the Bond of Brotherhood and the Uplifting of Our Community”